Medical Cannabis Permit

24 October 2017

Little Green Pharma is pleased to announce the company has been granted a Medical Cannabis Permit by the federal Office of Drug Control, effective 23 October 2017. Obtaining this permit meets one of Little Green Pharma’s key milestones on the path to commercial cultivation of medicinal cannabis in Australia.

In order to receive the permit, the team have established first-rate facilities and systems in WA which can cultivate medical cannabis in accordance with the requirements under the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967 (ND Act).

Managing Director, Fleta Solomon believes the multiple layers of regulation facing Australian suppliers will ultimately give Australian medicinal cannabis the edge over international competitors, which enjoy less stringent oversight by their respective governments.

Little Green Pharma’s goal is to make clean, reliable, locally grown and cost-effective cannabis, cannabis oil, and medical cannabis products for the Australian market and to supply these in early 2018.

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