Little Green Pharma successfully harvest second medicinal cannabis crop

24 August 2018

Little Green Pharma is pleased to announce the successful second harvest of its medical cannabis crop at its facility south of Perth in Western Australia. The cannabis is currently being prepared for shipment to the manufacturing facility for conversion to medicinal oil to be sold by prescription.

This is great news for LGP who, this week, became the market leader in Australia by becoming the first Australian company to locally-grow and produce medicinal cannabis products for sale to Australian patients.

The high quality medicinal cannabis products are subject to extensive assessment and testing based on the Australian TGA regulation, before being prescribed by medical practitioners and sold by registered pharmacists.

LGP’s Managing Director, Fleta Solomon said; “Little Green Pharma is thrilled to be the market leader in Australia. With the second crop now harvested, the company is looking forward to expanding production to both help increase access for Australia patients and export premium grade medicinal cannabis to jurisdictions where imports are allowed.”

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