Little Green Pharma exports Australia’s first locally grown medical cannabis product to Germany

12 September 2019

Highlights: Little Green Pharma has exported a sample of its commercial products to German cannabis distribution and wholesaler Cansativa GmbH for product testing. – Cansativa, a GDP-certified pharmaceutical wholesaler operating its own distribution and fulfillment center, is one of the largest importers and distributors of medical cannabis in Germany. On completion of product testing the […]

Landmark collaboration to commercialise transdermal cannabis technologies

19 June 2019

Little Green Pharma is pleased to announce a collaboration agreement with OBJ. Little Green Pharma and OBJ will contribute equally to the Curtin Research and Development services in Western Australia with the adaptation of the transdermal technology to deliver cannabinoid therapy transdermally, with a view to the joint ownership and commercialisation of the technology. If […]

Little Green Pharma successfully harvest another medical cannabis crop

04 June 2019

Little Green Pharma successfully harvest another medical cannabis crop and pass TGO 93. Little Green Pharma is pleased to announce the successful harvest of another medical cannabis crop at its facility in the southwest of Western Australia. The cannabis flowers have also passed the full suite of TGO 93 mandatory testing (the Regulatory Standard for […]

Little Green Pharma looks to Europe

24 April 2019

Little Green Pharma’s Managing Director, Fleta Solomon is just back from Europe where she presented at both the International Cannabis Business Conferences (ICBC) in Berlin and Paris. These are Europe’s premier B2B events in the medicinal cannabis industry and allowed Little Green Pharma to meet with regulators and industry leaders in Germany and France, to […]

Access to medical cannabis in Australia

24 January 2019

This step by step guide has been specifically designed to help patients understand how to access medical cannabis in Australia. Medical cannabis in Australia is almost universally classified as an unapproved product and is not a registered prescription medicine. Despite this, patients can still access unregistered medicinal cannabis products via the following three access pathways: […]

Are doctors for medical cannabis?

23 January 2019

Medical cannabis is a relatively new treatment option in Australia. There are a limited but growing number of doctors currently prescribing medical cannabis. This doesn’t mean that a doctor is open to prescibing medical cannabis (or against it), simply that most practitioners lack experience and some may not be comfortable prescribing this type of medicine. […]

Export licence approved for Australian grown medical cannabis

15 January 2019

Little Green Pharma is pleased to announce the company has been granted an Export Licence by the Federal Department of Health, effective 15 January 2019. Obtaining this license meets one of Little Green Pharma’s key strategic milestones on the path to become a key domestic and international supplier of medical cannabis products. Managing Director, Fleta […]

Little Green Pharma successfully harvest second medicinal cannabis crop

24 August 2018

Little Green Pharma is pleased to announce the successful second harvest of its medical cannabis crop at its facility south of Perth in Western Australia. The cannabis is currently being prepared for shipment to the manufacturing facility for conversion to medicinal oil to be sold by prescription. This is great news for LGP who, this […]

First Australian-grown cannabis medicines now available to help Australian patients

23 August 2018

Little Green Pharma (LGP), is the first Australian company to locally-grow and produce medicinal cannabis products for sale to Australian patients. The first products are now ready to be delivered to patients. Medicinal cannabis is currently being prescribed in Australia for a variety of conditions with the Commonwealth Department of Health developing clinical guidance documents […]

GreenChoices launches – a digital platform about medicinal cannabis

06 August 2018

Little Green Pharma have sponsored a new digital platform, GreenChoices to provide both medical practitioners and patients with meaningful research and education, with the aim of assisting them make informed choices about medical cannabis as a possible treatment option. Our team wish to support the demand for education and research around this new treatment so […]

Renewed licence for two years

29 May 2018

On 29 May 2018, Little Green Pharma received confirmation from the Office of Drug Control (ODC) that its Medicinal Cannabis Licence had been extended by two years, expiring 28 May 2020. This appears to be the first time the ODC has extended any company’s licence by more than 12 months.

The first medicinal cannabis crop in Australia for commercial use

08 May 2018

Australia’s first crop of medicinal cannabis for commercial use was harvested last week by Perth based phytopharmaceutical company Little Green Pharma. Little Green Pharma is a private entity specialising in cultivating and producing high quality, locally grown medicinal cannabis. The company announced in December 2017 it was cultivating its first crop at its secure growing […]

WA first – Little Green Pharma starts growing medicinal cannabis

14 December 2017

The first crop of medicinal cannabis is being cultivated in Western Australia by Little Green Pharma. The event marks the first time medicinal cannabis has been cultivated locally and the company aims to have product available nationally for patients within the first few months of 2018. Little Green Pharma Managing Director, Fleta Solomon, said the […]

Medical Cannabis Permit

24 October 2017

Little Green Pharma is pleased to announce the company has been granted a Medical Cannabis Permit by the federal Office of Drug Control, effective 23 October 2017. Obtaining this permit meets one of Little Green Pharma’s key milestones on the path to commercial cultivation of medicinal cannabis in Australia. In order to receive the permit, […]

Licence & Permit to Grow

30 June 2017

In April 2017, Little Green Pharma was granted a license by the federal Office of Drug Control (ODC) to cultivate and produce Medicinal Cannabis from 1st June 2017.